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Mobile Phone Repairing Course

Become a Certified Mobile Repairing Specialist

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Mobile Phone Repairing Course

Microchip Expert Institute offers advanced Mobile repairing courses for any students. At Microchip you can take training for any type of mobile like smart phone repairing, Apple and Blackberry phone, basic one repairing and Chinese phone also. We provide life time online support and technical support to our trained students. We are the best Mobile Repairing institute in Delhi. For more details of Mobile Repairing course details, Please view below details or download or prospectus.


Basic Mobile phone overview

  • Mobile phone description and overview
  • Mobile phone features and working concept.

Chip Level Repairing of Mobile Phone

  • Mobile phone Basic Electronics
  • Identification of all component and IC on PCB.
  • Use of SMD component tester for Component checking.
  • Uses of Digital Multimeter and analog multimeter

    Soldering and De-soldering of all Tiny SMD component. (Removing and fitting practice of all mobile Jack and connector - SIM jack, charging jack, battery connector, display connector etc.)

  • PFO and Chip rebelling replacing practice.
  • Jumper practice of all IC’s, jack and connector.
  • Tracing of mobile PCB without circuit diagram.
  • All mobile circuit semantic reading practice.
  • Troubleshooting of Keypad and hanging problem.
  • Tracing and fault finding of dead mobile problem, no charging problem, Automatic Turn off problem, Insert SIM card problem. Mobile not charging problem etc.
  • Fault finding of some common problem like- contact service, vibrator problem, no signal problem etc.

Mobile phone Complete Software Solution & Training

  • For full details of course please download or click on link

Industry Training Mobile Repairing Course in Delhi

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